Random Acts of Hand, Part One

Scattered eggs along bottom of Artemia Sea in the middle. First to hatch is a black-and-red male named Akirou. He seems pretty typical, pushing toys and checking out the other eggs while glancing quickly at other things in passing. Next a very dark female named Almodis. She seems very interested in plants, pulling them frequently. Then she checked out a beast, ate a critter, and went back to pulling on and hitting plants. It's a good thing the plants can't be uprooted or killed or this might be problematic behavior.

A double-knockout-blue male by the name of Acorn is the third to arrive. He seems a little scatter-headed. Doesn't focus quickly on any given thing. He did eat a few Zander Fish, though, so he'll probably be fine in the long run.

I've set their limit to 20, with a starting population of six. Since they're supposed to be wolfing I can't keep too close an eye on all of them, but will do my best to keep an eye on both them and the clock so I know when it's time to do a Random Act of Hand/God.

The fourth to hatch is Akirou's color counterpart, a pretty mostly-pinkish-red female who the autonamer took a while to pick a name for. It eventually settled on Allunga. She pushed toy, as most do, but then fixated strongly on eat critter for about thirty seconds. Only after she'd gotten food did she go back to push toy. Now she's alternating between getting to know Acorn, eating critters, and checking out other aspects of her world.

The first swimming has begun - not surprising with all the eating happening. They're beginning to split up and take off to check out the metaroom.

The fifth has hatched, a very dark, near-black male named Abu. He's already considering push door. It seems to have been a passing thought, though, as he's now eyeing a passing beast. He's already swimming, too.

The sixth and last to hatch is also the very first to find her way out of Artemia Sea. Luckily for her, she chose the door over the portal and thus entered paradise (Silence Falls). I decided to spontaneously reward her with a quick visit from the Sacred Dragon Skull, thus teaching her language. I know I'm supposed to roll for this stuff, but an occasional impulsive act of Hand is OK, right? It's my game after all. :p

Also, the autonamer gave her the hideous name of Arnolde, so I'm going to change it to something nicer. Since she discovered the jungle room first, let's go with Amazon.

Silence Falls, of course, is full of, among other things, Intyalle's Hallucinogenic Flowers. So little Amazon will probably be pretty high within a matter of seconds. Minutes at most.

Yeep, she's already toasted.

She decided to flash back and forth playing with the door a few times, but has decided to stay in Silence Falls for now, playing with toys, pulling plants, and generally having a great time. Do you blame her?

Meanwhile, Allunga and Abu have formed an exploring pair and wandered off toward the surface of Artemia Sea. To all appearances, they're having a good time approaching bugs and each other, hitting and eating the occasional critter, staring at animal eggs while resting, et cetera.

Almodis is hanging out all by herself on the lower right corner of Artemia Sea. She doesn't seem particularly lonely.

Acorn and Akirou have also paired off to play together, though they haven't really left the center of Artemia Sea's bottom, where they hatched. These two seem content to just play with the toys and eat the edibles in this spot, at least for now.

Allunga drifted down nearby these two, sleeping, but woke up before hitting the bottom and swam away from them again instead of joining their group.

Then I looked away for a while to finish typing this, allowing them to wolf unobserved. I also notice, as I finish typing, that it's 1:20, which means it's time for our first randomly rolled Act of Hand. I decided not to flip for whether or not a random event happened each interval. I'm likely to be lousy enough about the timing that it's not like there's going to be some random event at precise intervals. Plus there will probably be results I have to reroll or skip for whatever reason.

So, here we go! Rolling our first random event.

Out with the old, in with the new. Aww! They've barely had time to experience the world. That doesn't seem terribly fun. Let's reroll.

Vocabulary Boost. Nice! I decided ahead of time that if this happened, it meant the Autovocab agent was to be injected. Autovocab away! (Of course, future events may cause me to have to remove the agent from the world. But for now, literacy, such as it is for Norns, is guaranteed to all.)

Of course, several of them, if not all of them, had already found one of the two Sacred Dragon Skulls, since I don't like looking at bibblish too much early in the game, but future generations had no such guarantee, as it was unlikely that the future colony sites will form near where I placed those skulls.

Let's go around now and see what everyone is doing.

Amazon is still high, according to the medical panel, but she has apparently left Silence Falls. Acorn is here, though, and he's both drunk and high. He's lying in a patch of trippyweeds, staring at and/or thinking about an unreal elevator. He did manage to take off and try to eat a pigeon, though, so he'll probably be OK.

Let's go check on Amazon. She's... hugging a jellyfish? Yes. Yes, she is. Hm. I guess 'get' must not cause a pain reaction, or else they're too thick-hided to notice it.

Thankfully, she's dropped the jellyfish and gone after one of those swimming toy-fish that Artemia Sea has instead. Nearby, Akirou is hanging out, playing with one of the aquatoys. The one that looks like a jellyfish, but isn't actually a jellyfish. Akirou gets it.

Allunga isn't far off from these two, nearer the bottom but swimming. She seems perplexed by seeds, approaching them, going left and right, pushing them. She rested for a moment, watching a seahorse, then began messing with seeds again. Now she's eating fish and resting on the bottom.

On the other side of the map, Almodis is checking out, apparently, what things can be pulled to profitable effect. She's pulling everything nearby her. Not obsessively, but definitely experimentally. She went off to push toy for a while. Then she began eating crabs off the bottom. Abu is hanging out with her, skating along the bottom.

Akirou has swum over to join Abu and Almodis. The three of them are now playing with toys together.

I've got to do other things for awhile, so I'm going to let them wolf for a while. But at 1:40 I'll be back for the next random event.

Okay, it's time! Let's roll on Random.org.

Find-It: Inject six toys into the world randomly. OK! Let's see here... I know, the Fun in the Sun set isn't in there yet. There's six fish in that, right? I'll just scatter those throughout the two aquatic rooms, and maybe put one in the pond in Silence Falls.

Time for another event! I've been distracted by real life, so I've just been letting them run. But it's 2:10 now, so they need a shakeup. Randomizer ho!

World Breaker. ooooooh. Well. Removing metarooms is dangerous business. So I'd better remove some agent. Something that really improves the world from their perspective.

Oof. This hurts, but it's meant to. I'm going to get rid of the Shrimpton. That's a real break in the world as far as Dragons are concerned. That many fewer bugs to eat makes AC, especially, more dangerous.

I've got to fix some food for myself. Then I'll check in on what our wolflings are doing.

Someone came over, so I've been continuing to play, but not having time to record. Acorn has essentially moved into Silence Falls and seems to greatly enjoy the trippyweeds. Meanwhile, on the last random event, I rolled another bad one. Poor Abu had to be transported to an empty part of the world, which meant AC. So he's now alone wandering in AC.

And I just rolled for another event, and got Feed The Imbalance. Since both sexes still have equal numbers, though, I'll have to roll the sex of the new egg at random. Still, time for a new gen1 dragon of a random sex and color. Here goes...

Oh hey! Look at that. Abu has found his way home. I don't have CA links set up for the portals, either, so that's pretty cool. He's back in Artemia Sea, hanging out sort of near Allunga. Acorn has made his way out of Silence Falls and is visiting the new baby, Arihito, who is pretty dark-colored but not a pure black. Mostly dark green with deep violet arms/wings. Rather attractive. He's already swimming and appears to be doing well. So now the game has four males and three females.

Oh dear. Acorn doesn't like Arihito. There is some hitting going on. Those neuroemitters seem to have a much more dramatic effect on the brain edit individuals than on these guys, who have the brain edits muted.

Looks like Abu brought one of those shrimp critters from AC back to Artemia with him when he came home - they've reproduced and are making their home in Artemia Sea now. I didn't bring them over - that's pure Norn-caused critter species migration.

Let's do a location check before I roll the next random event. It's looking like everyone is hanging out in Artemia Sea in the middle right now, but I'm not entirely certain. I know Acorn is back from Silence Falls and Abu is back fom AC, but what of the other five?

Amazon and Akirou are hanging out together on the far right of Artemia Sea, seeming pretty happy together, though they're only loosely associating. I've got a hunch that these two will probably make an egg when they age up to Youth. But right now they're carefree adolescents. (LATER NOTE: They never got the chance. :( )

Allunga is more or less hanging out on her own, but she's pretty close to Abu, on the left side of central Artemia.

Almodis and Acorn seem to have discovered adolescent love. They're pushing norn enthusiastically on the right side of central Artemia, not far from Amazon and Akirou. Those two are almost certain to produce the run's first pregnancy the way things are going.

But now it's time to roll for another random event - here goes!

Whew, Acorn really doesn't like Arihito. Every time the young male gets close to him and Almodis, he chases him away with slaps.

Anyway, I got Idle Hands. I have to steal all the toys! XD Welp, here goes... OK, I think I've gotten all of them. or the vast majority at least. Artemia Sea's lower region has been stripped of toys, as have most of its open waters. Toys were placed on high shelves or thrown into AC. A few went into Silence Falls. I even captured most of those swimming fish toys.

That took long enough that it's time to roll again. There are a lot of toys!!

Acorn and Akirou are fighting, while Almodis sleeps, undisturbed by the ruckus. Shortly after the fight stops, Akirou grew to adult size. And Almodis is our first pregnancy! After checking, Acorn is the father, as I suspected.

Oh wow. Acorn must have been REALLY mad, and dare I say jealous? He just beat Akirou to death. He didn't succeed in luring Almodis away, but I guess just trying was enough for Acorn to be enraged. Dragons don't die easily so that took some doing. RIP, Akirou. You didn't get to be an adult for more than a few seconds.

Welp. We're back down to six Norns. Though a new one will hatch soon, the first Gen2. and it's time for another act of hand. I've been rerolling results that ask me to export Norns, since I felt it was too soon to be removing any from the gene pool, but since we've had our first murder, I figure it's time to start accepting the metaphorical dice as they fall. Let's roll...

I've rolled World Expansion, which means I have to give back the Shrimpton. Hooray!

Bibianka has been born. Acorn and Allunga apparently loathe each other now and are battling. Amazon, for what it's worth, repeatedly declares her hate for Allunga, so I guess she's on Acorn's side? But Almodis, though still loving Acorn, also loves Allunga. Normal Norns' relationships are weird.

In spite of all this hate and battling, they seem to have decided to form a colony on the far right side of Artemia Sea, not far from the door to paradise.

Aaand it's time to roll again. Wow, 20 minutes goes by fast. Here goes...

It says Fatal Accident, but I'm a little loathe to export/kill someone after Akirou's death. Grumble. Still, I said I'd do what the roll said, so... let's export Acorn. He's had a baby and he's causing a lot of trouble. Almodis will be sad, but I imagine she'd prefer this, if she knew her options, to being exported herself.

Goodbye, Acorn. I hope you enjoyed the trippyweed and murdering Akirou! Your life is over for now.

Oops. Or not. I misclicked and exported the baby, Bibianka. I... I guess I'll go with that. Seeing as Almodis just laid another egg that's almost certainly sired by Acorn anyway. I suppose those two will be happier this way. And Bibianka won't know the difference. I'll upload her to CreaturesCaves.com or something to make it up to her.

Yep, this new egg was also sired by Acorn. Interesting. I wonder how long this 'monogamy' will last. When I see this in the brainedits they usually stay together for a long time, with only a handful of outside dalliances. Let's see how long it takes for Acorn to make a baby with Amazon or Allunga, or for Almodis to make a baby with Abu. (The only other adult male was Akirou, who is now dead, of course. Arihito won't be old enough to mate for an hour or so, so he won't count as an option until then.)

Right now, most of them are basically living together in the far right section of Artemia Sea. Abu is roaming alone on the left section of Artemia, while Arihito explores the upper central portion near the surface of the water.

A new female baby has been born, Benedikte. She got some really appealing colors.

This is getting long. Gonna close this post down for now. This has been a lot of fun though! I'll post an update on this later.


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