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Dragons, dragons, dragons

I haven't posted in a few days. I've been really preoccupied with my projects, and often too tired to actually talk about them once I've done working on them. But the plus side is I've made some real progress. I already announced and posted them on but it doesn't feel quite official for some silly reason because I haven't done it here yet even though probably no one reads this. So - Abyss Dragons v2.0 are finished (for the moment anyway) and released. I love the little wings they have now from using the Gargoyle arm sprites. I know I'm far from the first person to do that but I still really like how it looks. Plus they start out anyway with dark colors (though breeding of course tends to lead to a lot of color mutation - they do tend to stay darker colored for the most part in the earlier generations at least), so that hopefully makes them stand out from other winged dragon designs a teeny bit. They're TWB Norns only right now, b

What kind of drugs does it take to enjoy this?

Yes, it's another song lyric (ERB is life) but it could just as easily apply to these projects. I suppose the answer is 'whatever bizarre cocktail constitutes my natural neurochemistry'. I'm no stranger to drugs, I think I've said that here before, but none are particularly involved in my life at the moment beyond weed (I'm a native-born Californian; for most of us, weed is not just medicine or a drug, it's a proud local and often family tradition - in my case, both) and legally prescribed (and taken-as-prescribed) pain pills, so I can't blame my weird fixations and obsessions on anything but my own psychodynamics. Such is life I suppose. I guess that's part of why I like Creatures so much. I feel something of a kinship with creatures so heavily influenced by drives and chemistry they were born with and can't help. Ahem. Enough of that. I don't think much of anyone reads this anyway, but just in case, I won't bore you further with that