Learn to swim, learn to swim, learn to swim...

Sucks how when life gets difficult, things one loves tend to fall by the wayside. Like Creatures and blogging about it. But look at that - here I am again! I had to reinstall my game, so I lost a lot of stuff, but I've been able to restore a lot. All my work on v2.1 of the Dragons is gone, alas. So I'm going to go back to v2.0 and start from there again. 2.0 is pretty good. All I could think of to do to them right off the bat was to get rid of the old "predatory" instincts and replace them with the nice Prey Scent functionality I had created shortly before life went to poop on me.

I had to use my notes on this blog to reconstruct that, incidentally. Lucky thing I posted so much of it here!

I also learned a bit more about CAOS in the process. Apparently INST is not 'install' but 'instant' - it instructs the engine to execute the following commands in a single tick. And SLOW is what closes the INST.

My brain didn't seize up horribly when I looked all this up, either. Hooray! Turns out fighting dyscalculia is like bicycle riding, in the sense that, slow and torturous though the work is, once I get it down, it sticks. A hopeful feeling.

I have no idea why I like listening to stuff like Ill Bill and Necro while working on Creatures stuff. Or at all, in some ways. I'm weird, I guess.

The title is Tool though and refers to today's activities - flooding the Norn Terrarium and releasing a batch of freshly prey scent enabled v2.0 Dragons into it. :D

Taking it pretty easy today, Creatures-wise. Just restoring that .cos, making a few small edits to the v2.0 genome, that was enough work for me. Now it's time to listen to music and watch my babies explore their world. Damn I love this aspect of Creatures.

I wish I had a CRC-type agent that could monitor the thoughts of all living Norns at the same time but not give commands. Next project? Hmm. Sounds like a big leap from the very simple prey scent agent, but then again, it may be easier than it sounds. Will have to do research.

Baby, you've had a nightmare... This song makes me think of Dusk and Dreameater, my hapless 130s. They were lost, sadly, along with everything else, when I had to reinstall following a major crash of the program for unknown reasons. But I could always edit a Pineal Gland organ with 130 emitter into the current set... Will probably end up doing that. ESPECIALLY if I can get a mass thought-reader. I'lll probably have to use the Health Bar to distinguish hallucinosis like before, but still.

Right now my four gen1s are doing quite well. They're doing great on the new stimulus-based regimen. The old strategy was to use instincts to make them find chasing and getting prey fun. Now, the prey smells really good. And when they reach a source of that smell, they experience an impulse to eat it. I wasn't sure they'd be able to put the third part of that idea ("if I'm hungry I should approach this smell") together on their own, without an instinct prompting them to do that, but so far they seem to be quite clever enough to manage it. I forgot how good at self-care the Dragons are, especially in aquatic environments. These four don't need a damn thing from me except to place them in the water and let 'em go, and it's pretty satisfying. They're not just getting by, alive but sad, either - they're happy and thriving so far.

Speaking of aquatic environments, Grendel_Man released a third version of his swimming agent, and it's pretty awesome. Alongside the flyer agent he gave me to use last year (I wish he'd release it to everyone - it is excellent) I now have very functional swimming, flying, predatory 'dragons'!

Their personalities are developing quickly. It's cute how they interact with each other. I'll have to do a play-by-play post soon. For now I'm getting tired. But I'll be back. In sooner than several months this time!


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