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Just some worldbuilding/art tools, don't mind me...

Plant Generator To generate a random plant, start with this. Plant Leaves Generator To specify what its leaves look like, use this. Plant Flower Generator To specify what its flowers look like, use this.

Dragon Norns, As Usual

I'm torn between keeping the rather charming 'life cycle' I observed in the original duotract edits, and the equally charming behavior exhibited by my current version of the genome. Basically, there's an instinct that in most Norns has a pretty subtle effect. It kicks on at adolescence and tells them to approach Norn Homes when in need of comfort. So, when homesick, go home. Simple. This is why most Norns -tend- to hang out in the Meso or the Norn Terrarium but may well roam out into the ship at random if they feel like it. The instinct lets them know that going home when they're homesick is a good idea, but since they aren't constantly homesick, they don't always stay home. And even then they're quite capable of ignoring homesickness in favor of some other drives due to the critical drive overwhelmsion system. One of the traits of the duotract edits is that the Norns seem more sensitive to neuroemitters and instincts. I find myself very tempted to s