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The Devil's Re-Jects

  Interesting times in the ongoing Imperator wolfling run. I've had it going almost continuously since late on September 30th in the same world, with a max population of 30-35. This is by far the biggest and longest-running wolfing I've ever been able to do. No machine I've owned before was capable of keeping a single world going with that many creatures in it without dying of untenable amounts of lag. Even with a third as many creatures, it would lag badly after a day or two of RL uptime. But so far this one is going fine, though I've had to kill hots and ject 1 a bunch of agents to streamline it (all stuff we're not using anyway, like the Bramboos in the mesa or the mosquitos/gnats/rocklice in the Jungle).  So this world is rather important to me. I've never gotten to observe so many dragon norns doing so much all at once before with so little lag relative to population and world size. They've sprawled across C12DS, the Jungle, the Desert, and the Hydro No

Death of a Norn

 17 hours and 12 minutes. Meet Ecru Axe. She's been a fixture of my Imperator Dragon testworld for over 17 hours. It's funny when you know for a fact that their end is coming soon, at a specific time. The max lifespan of any Dragon Norn so far is 17 hours 33 minutes. So she's going to die soon. And there's very little I could do to stop it. I could give her a Cupid's Halo, but that's the only way, and if it ever bugged out she'd be gone. I usually bestow that on a pair of Gen1s to keep the bloodline from mutating away from its origins too much, but I didn't this time. Just forgot. So all the Gen1s are long gone. Ecru was one of the first Gen3s to hatch. There are younger ones of course, because of egg piling. It'll be a while yet before the last Gen3 egg hatches, lives, and dies.  Still, though. Her personal time is coming to a close soon. 17 hours, 15 minutes. She pushes a portal and warps through the network, appearing in the Hydro Nornterrarium. H