TWBs Win

As I said in my last post this morning before going to bed (my sleep schedule's gone back to its natural state again, bah, but that's another topic) I left the Bloom world open. Returning to it now about nine hours later, with a total runtime of somewhere between 12-15 hours probably, the TWBs have become decidedly dominant over the CFFs. The CFF colony is hanging in there, as you can see above, with enough eggs and a few non-old Norns to keep it going when the largely-senile population dies out, but the TWBs are swarming, with a largely breeding-age population and SO MANY EGGS. They're perilously close to Yellowstone Elk Syndrome, actually. If they didn't have couple of vendors in addition to the Norn Terrarium's natural bounty they'd be in much worse shape. (I forgot to label the second image, but whatever, you get the idea.)

As you can see, the TWBs are basically elking it.

Actually that might be what happened to the CFFs, come to think of it. They have some decent food sources in there, including one Justanut tree and a few Starseed trees, but they've extincted the Golden Mushrooms while I slept and severely drove down the numbers of Watercup Mushrooms. The pebble plant things also appear to be extinct. All that still seems to be growing besides the aforementioned trees are reduced numbers of Glowlillies and Watercup mushrooms, the Ordin and Fantazy grasses, and the Bramboo. For some reason they're all clustered up to the far left side of Veridia, too, whereas the TWBs are fully occupying the outdoor ground level of the Norn Terrarium and occasionally going up onto the hill above the indoor part. I'm not sure if they're using the elevator or not but they don't seem to be. (What is it with CFF type breeds and totally ignoring elevators? Has their genetic interest in them been turned off completely? It's certainly better than obsessive button-pressing, but I'd prefer if they were more willing to make use of their full space!)
At this point, I'm pretty much decided that I'm going to use the TWB Blooms as my basis for work, but not 100%. I plan to check out a few more TWB breeds just in case there's one that works better for what I have in mind.

I do like the Blooms in general, though I think I may need to dial their fertility back a little bit if I do use them for the Abyss Dragons' V2 base. I want the Dragons to breed more readily than the original version does (you practically need Cupid's Lyre if you don't want most of your Abysses or other Dracos to breed even once in their very long lifetimes). But I don't want them to breed this rapidly, especially given they are predators and thus much more able to extinct their food source than plant eaters are. (And they are, as we all know, quite capable of engendering mass extinctions, so you see my concern, I'm sure.)


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