Chemical 130


I've never actually observed a CFF or TWB after consuming Chemical 130 (aka Tryptamine). So I decided to snag one of the adults TWB Bloom wolflings, walk her over to the Amethyst Berry bush, and tell her to 'eat fruit'. I figured the CRC's Eat button would work if the spoken order didn't. I did end up having to use the button, but in the end she ate them. I noticed each time she ate one she'd briefly get the 'scared' expression, yet somehow intuitively I don't feel like it was actual fear so much as a 'whoa!' reaction, but I'm not 100% on that - for all I know, eating those berries is inherently a little scary! After eating a few berries, she picked her way slowly downhill, ate some seeds, went slowly back uphill, and stopped. Then she declared, "Eem love hand." Twice! I've barely ever seen Norns even use the word 'love', and never before toward the hand. I suppose I must assume she thought eating the berries was a great suggestion.

Then she decided to contemplate eating a nearby toy. I paused the game to type this up. I'm going to unpause now and watch her for a little while, then come back.

This is so interesting. She remained obsessed with eating for a little while, probably because of the CRC command. But she was still acting oddly, walking around a lot with frequent changing direction, sometimes pacing, but occasionally she was essentially spinning in circles, which I've never seen a Norn do before unless it was a predator chasing constantly moving small prey. During this she was, as I said, eating everything in sight that was edible. I realized this probably had to do with the CRC after about ten seconds and hit Stop on it, then tickled her and led her back and forth a couple paces to help her get her own thoughts going again. (No idea if that actually helps, but it seems to be better than just leaving them alone.)

As a wolfling, she had no name, but given her participation in this little experiment I decided she deserved one, so I named her (for obvious reasons) Lucy. She was not in the sky with diamonds, but she did seem a little weirder than before, albeit not in the way I expected. While I was changing her name I had my gaze off her briefly. When I looked back to her, her previously happy expression had faded into a tired or unhappy one - I'm not sure what that expression is meant to be, whether tiredness or general unhappiness, but they tend to get it when tired, in any event. I tickled her and she brightened briefly but then lapsed again. I tickled again, with the same result. I was wondering what was wrong, if she might be about to fall asleep, when a few seconds later she spontaneously grinned big without being tickled again.

That's when the really interesting stuff started. She lay down and began looking at... nothing. The little green indicator used to show focus of attention actually vanished completely. Every now and then it would flicker back into being focused on one of the butterflies flying above her head, and then vanish again. I looked VERY carefully all over the map for the indicator, but it's just not there. She is just not looking at anything in the metaroom. Not even herself.

I've seen the indicator disappear before, I think, but only very rarely. When Norns look at themselves, the green thing sits right next to the red one above their own heads - the difference between that and the vanishing going on here is easy to see. Far more often they fixate on themselves, on something else near them, or even on something that is invisible or doesn't actually exist - the little pointer will just hover in apparently empty space, as far as I can tell. And that's what I was expecting when the hallucinations started - the pointer would indicate stuff out in the world that she could see but I could not. 

But apparently the reality disconnect is a little more profound for her. She is seeing her 'real world', and yet at the same time, she is seeing -other- things, things that are so unreal that her attention pointer can't even show where she thinks they are. I assume, anyway. Because right after she suddenly began grinning, and just before lying down, she said, "Look." Nothing else. Just that. And then the weird looking-at-nothing began. She's stood up again, just before I paused, too, but she lay there for at least 20-30 seconds. So I think it's safe to assume she is fully trippin' out now, and I should unpause the game and let her enjoy herself. At the moment of unpause, she's facing the screen, grinning. Let's see what happens.

I think she's staring at the ground?? She keeps standing up and sitting down every three or four seconds, staring fixedly at... I think it's the ground. The green pointer is hovering right above the soil line. But it's hard to tell what exactly she's seeing there... she's thinking 'seed'. Clicking around, I found a tiny seed, so I guess it was that.  She said 'look' again, too.

I forgot to pause while typing and she said something I missed, unfortunately. I wish I was one of those people who understands bibble by ear. She stood around, then crouched, then finally lay down over several long seconds, constantly staring at what I assume is another of those teeny seeds. Then she abruptly fell asleep. Trip over?? It's only supposed to last a few minutes, as I recall.

She just woke up. She stayed lying down, looking at another Norn nearby, then a toy, but not moving. I tickled her to encourage her to act on whatever she was thinking. She stood up, turning to face me as she did so. She had a frightened look briefly as she stood but grinned at me once she was facing me, while receiving the tickle. Not sure how to interpret that look, but she seems to be getting back to normal, more or less. She only ate a couple berries, so I wasn't expecting it to last too long. I was thinking of asking her to eat a few more, but I'm getting tired. Going to sleep soon, I think. So she can live out the rest of her live as she pleases since I'm going to leave her world running.

Actually you know what, I think she's still stoned... she's gone back to looking at nothing while just standing or sitting around. Heh! Another Norn is trying to get her attention. She's looking at him, but even though she expressed boredom twice she failed to respond to his bouncing balls near her in a clear attempt to lure her into playing with him. Now he seems to be flirting with her. I wish him luck. He's competing with some very interesting alternative diversions. She did giggle though so we'll see.

He gave up and went away. She's back to obsessive seed staring. Or maybe it's a bug - she's thinking bug. I can't see it because it's behind that little mound that rises up near the berry bush and the pond.

Oops. I could've sworn you could put a Norn on that hover thing but I guess not - she fell right through it twice. After the second impact she got a sad look - I guess the fall was painful. I put her by the berry bush again and tickled her but she's still sad right now.  I don't know why I thought putting her up there was a good idea anyway. I guess I wanted to see what she'd do with less stimuli around her.

All of a sudden she's up and about trying to push bugs.

She just declared her love of the hand again. There she goes, finally a toy bounce. Maybe now she's coming out of it. Another Norn - I think the male who was trying to get her attention earlier - just bounced one of the toy bones at her; this time, she took it and bounced it herself, toward the pond, and is now pursuing it as if she means to continue playing with it. She seems pretty much back to normal now. That was fascinating, though. I'll have to try to get another TWB Bloom to eat a larger dose tomorrow, or maybe bring over a CFF for that specific reason to see how their reactions differ. For now, Lucy is being followed by a baby while she plays with toys and she's moved back toward the other Norns, which she seemed very uninterested in while tripping. I'm going to let her live the rest of her life in peace as a wolfling the way it began. And I'm going to bed. I can't help but wonder  if she'll visit the bush again on her own, though, and how she'll regard fruit in general from now on... more things to ponder tomorrow.


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